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[vata-tree]   noun

Vata Vriksh is the Sanskrit name for the Banyan tree. It is one of the most revered trees in India and is also the National Tree of India.


It signifies tremendous long term growth, something that every individual strives for, be it professional, personal or spiritual.


Another name for this tree is Kalpa Vriksh - 'Fulfiller of Wishes'

At Vatatree, we strive to encapsulate these values, significantly contributing to fast track growth of organisations and help individuals realise their career dreams.

About Us

We are a boutique HR Consulting firm providing recruitment and HR services.

As a remote-first, technology-driven, people focused organization, our vision is 

To help companies with their most important growth lever.. 'talent' - to find the right talent for them & help them in retaining them.

So, why work with us?

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Join our team to experience a culture built on a friendly, respectful & learning environment.


We believe freedom, empowerment and a rewarding compensation structure create the most trusted advisors to the people they serve.   

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Looking for your next career upgrade?

Our recruitment consultants and advisors will handhold you through the entire process.

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Finding & retaining the right talent has always been a challenge for organizations.

Our talent advisors will do the hard grunt to find and attract the right people to help you grow your business.

Recruitment Consulting

Recruitment Consulting

Our Differentiators

  • Deep understanding of client business to provide the right talent fit

  • Bring market knowledge and experience to the table

  • Act as an brand ambassador for the client

  • Client focus - We intentionally work with limited clients

  • Quality over quantity - Nobody wants to see 10 irrelevant profiles

  • Speed - the talent market is always changing; clients need the right talent now

Sector Focus

  • Real Estate & Construction

  • Retail & E-Commerce

  • Education

  • Manufacturing & Engineering

HR Consulting

HR Consulting Services

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Employer Branding

HR Process for SMBs

Talent Services

  • Brand Messaging

  • Policies supporting Employer brand

  • Outreach to the talent market

  • Labour Law compliances

  • Compensation Mapping & Structuring

  • HR Policies, handbook, onboarding, HRTech Consulting

  • Job family creation, job description creation

  • Recruitment process creation & audit

  • Interview & Selection training

Contact Us

Over the phone or online

Phone number


Bangalore, India

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