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How to make your CV stand out - Personalize

Your CV should be an accurate and authentic representation of you as a person. Too many people just take a fancy looking format from the internet and update a few details and expect that the CV will get shortlisted by a recruiter.

An experienced recruiter typically scans a CV in about 5-20 seconds. Your CV has to be personalised for the job that you are applying for. The key words have to stand out to get your profile shortlised even for a conversation to be initiated.

So the question arises, how to get your keywords right? Read the JD, see the key requirements for the role and highlight the experience you have in those key areas.

Seems simple enough, but I've seen enough candidates who do not do this basic aspect. They usually have only 1 version of their CV which they use to apply blindly to all jobs hoping that maybe, just maybe their CV gets noticed.

So always personalise your profile before applying for a job.

A simple example.. a Sales manager has experience in both channel sales and direct sales, but applies to a Channel Sales role with the first few lines of the CV talking about their Direct sales experience. The chances of his / her CV getting shortlisted has just decreased dramatically.

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